Let’s Talk Beauty Boxes!


So I’m obviously really into makeup…. 🙂

A few years ago I decided that I was going to sign up for Ipsy as a way to curb the amount of money I was spending on products. I really like trying new things but I was spending a lot of money and, of course, somethings just didn’t work out. This goes for skincare and hair care products as well.

So I decided to take the plunge. And seriously ya’ll it’s freakin’ best. I absolutely LOVE getting beauty boxes. It’s 10 bucks a month and you get such a variety of samples and sometimes full-size products.

Now, I’ve had Ipsy for a long time and there are a few things that I’m not 100% fond of. So I decided to sign up for Birchbox as well just to compare…. and I think that eventually I will cancel one of the boxes but for now we are keeping both to load up on all of these wonderful things!

Beauty subscription services are every where and I can’t say that I’m an expert, I’ve only owned two of them and one was much more recently. However, I do want to discuss some of things things that I’m noticing so far.


I feel as though Ipsy was the pioneer for this sort of subscription service craze that has seen a pretty decent uptick in recent months.

Here are the things that I really like:

There are a really great variety of products that you are presented with every month. I actually don’t think that I have been given the same product twice EVER in over 2 years since I started my subscription.

You can tell it’s decently tailored to your input on the beauty quiz you take when you sign up. I also like that you can change/retake the quiz at anytime just in case your skin needs or coloring change.

I like that there is always a chance that you will be gifted a full-size product or a make-up brush!

Now for the things I’m not so keen on:

Whereas, the bags they send all of the products in are super cute and fun…..I seriously have like 400 of them. I use them for pencil cases, gift bags for small gifts, gifts themselves, etc and I still can’t seem to get rid of all of them. I feel like I should start donating them to elementary school classrooms to use as replacement pencil cases…..or just start my own re-sale business. It’s ridiculous.

Sometimes the samples are TINY. I mean like a bronzer the size of an eyeshadow??? How am I supposed to fit my fluffy bronzing brush in the that little pan.

I feel like (especially lately) that the quality has been going downhill and I feel like it’s a shame that it’s seen a downturn in product quality because I normally really do love these little bags (despite having a million of them)

There is also a waitlist for this service so if you sign up, you may have to wait a few months for a box to actually arrive to you. (they don’t charge you until you start receiving boxes)


Now for Birchbox….. again I’ve only gotten two boxes but I’m still going to do my best.

I like the variety in the two boxes that I’ve gotten. I like that there is a nice mix of make-up, hair, and skincare products.  I find that Ipsy has some issues in that department. I feel as though I don’t get as much variety in their boxes.

Birchbox is also a lot more storage friendly being that they send everything in a cardboard box that you can choose to keep (they are quite cute) but they are just as easy to recycle.

The size of the samples is also quite a bit bigger than the Ipsy bags. You get a decent few uses out of them before you have to throw them away. Especially for skincare samples which, to me, always seem so small.

Now for my dislikes:

This website doesn’t seem to tailor to your request quite as well as Ipsy does. I have oily skin and in the last two boxes I have received moisturizing treatments which leave my skin really yucky afterward. Now when you review individual products the next box does seem to be a bit better, but still with the beauty questionnaire that I took before I go my first box this shouldn’t happen.

This box also seems like it is a lot less likely to gift you full size products or make-up brushes.


Both websites are easy to use and simple. I had to change my address a couple of times on the Ipsy website and it was incredibly simple! They take your billing information and charge your card monthly so you don’t have to think about anything. They also offer discounts on all the products that they give you samples for!

All in all I don’t know which box I enjoy more but here are my thoughts on both! Hope this helps if you are trying to choose between one of them.

Toodles ❤


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