The clouds have finally broken.

I am still going to be a full-time public school music teacher. I knew that this was something I was meant to be doing. After a lot of uncertainty (which if you have read any of the previous posts about anxiety you know that is NOT my favorite thing.) I have managed to secure a full-time position at a school I am already extremely familiar with. I’m so excited to start my new adventure with renewed vigor and increased focus. For the first time in a while actually want school to start!

I just wanted to update this blog with this wonderful bit of news! I have never been so relieved in all of my life.

I do have to send out a thank you to a dear friend, who has once again pulled through in my time of need.

And to my boyfriend who despite endless nights of crying in his arms made it very clear to me that he would be my support system until I could get myself back on my feet. Which he has already done through this whole process.

I’m so thrilled I can’t even explain!

Toodles ❤



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