Alright ya’ll.

This post has been a long time coming on this blog.

I have so much to talk about so strap in and enjoy the ride.


First of all, primers to me are arguably the most important part of my make-up routine. No matter what kind of skin you have you should really use a primer. Whether it is used to help moisturize, mattify, or simply to increase the longevity of your make-up, primers are an incredibly important step.

I have oily skin, for those of you who have read previous posts in this blog I’m sorry to keep repeating this fact, and primers not only help combat oil build-up, but also help combat acne and increase the longevity of my make-up application.

I am a teacher and I don’t have time to touch up my make-up throughout the day so my make-up needs to WORK. Now I’ve already done a foundation post on this blog a few months ago but truth be told primers are the real heroes here.

So now that I’ve blabbed my way through this post….. here are the real MVP’s.

Becca EverMatte Poreless Primer: Y’all….this stuff is blotting paper in a bottle. I have never experienced a primer that works so well at stopping the oil production on my face. It’s expensive….(I paid $15 for the mini (0.4oz) that showed up in the aisle of death at Sephora. The full size is $36.) but holy cow this stuff lives up to its name. It needs to be patted into the skin because it doesn’t really “smooth” over very well and you need to be quick about it because once it sets…it’s on there. Now despite the fact that this primer also say that it is a pore filler, that part of this title is misleading a bit. (at least on my face) I always tend to supplement with a pore filling primer because this one does not do a very good job about blurring the very large pores on my face.

The Body Shop Instablur Primer: This primer has been a staple in my make-up collection for a long time and used to be an essential. I still use it frequently but since finding the primer listed above, I don’t reach for it as often. However, this primer has a silicone base and so therefore is very good for pore filling which is mostly what I use it for now. I have this primer for winter months too where I’m not as prone to getting oily enough to melt my make-up off. I really like this primer as well because I feel like it really helps your make-up stick to your skin but not flood your pores. This was the first higher end ($22) primer I ever used and I was so excited about the purchase and it really didn’t disappoint. If you are looking for a primer that will blur your pores and help your make-up stay on longer this is the primer for you!

CoverFX Mattifying Primer with Anti-Acne treatment: A mouthful of a name but really worth the purchase. And again this one is expensive. The tiny (.5 oz.) mini is $16 at Sephora and the full-size is a whopping $38. However, not only does this primer help mattify, blur pores, and keep your make-up on longer it also has salicylic acid in it to help fight acne from underneath your make-up. This stuff is great if your skin reacts well to salicylic acid like mine does and I was able to witness a longer period of time between breakouts on my face while using this primer. I’m not currently in possession of this right now because I wanted to try the Becca primer however, this primer is also worth the money you spend on it. The only thing that puts this slightly below the Becca Primer is how long it is able to mattify your make-up and keep it on your face. It starts to break down a bit faster than the Becca primer does and for that reason only it is 2nd.


These three primers are what I use to really lock in my foundation and they are a god-send in my oh so wonderfully non-airconditioned building during the summer months.

Thanks for reading!

Toodles ❤


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